Saturday, 25 June 2011

The elves are off on holiday

It's either that or they've deserted me. I've left out all manner of tempting treats, from lindt chocolates to miniature christmas cakes (don't ask why I am making christmas cakes in June. I just felt like it.)

But still, there is just a little heap of unsewn fabric in the morning, and fat looking cats...

Which is a shame, as I've only got a bit left to do on my dress, and I'll all ready to go on the next project. I've even drawn the pattern out all neatly ready to scan in for you guys. (They are 'Pram trousers' not sure what else to call them. Reversible quilted over-trousers with little bootie feet to put on when you are out and about in the pram...)

I've even cut out the fabric (pink with little dogs on the outside, green with little birds on the inside.) but still nothing's happened.

All I've managed to do in their absence, is a teeny bit of Ellie's quilt, and I've covered eight little buttons for my dress. Oh big wow, I hear you say...

And you're right. It's rubbish, and shows quite plainly how I've come to rely on the little blue fellows.

I shall endeavour to do better next week.

1 comment:

  1. My goodness the elves have been on a long holiday haven't they? I hope that they return soon, because all of your work is looking amazing! :)

    Your twin, Bec!xx