Friday, 3 June 2011

Anyone interested in a free pattern?

I'm not going to talk about elves today, as I want to ask you all a question?
If I were to scan in my dungaree pattern would anyone be interested in a free copy? I'm not entirely sure I how I do this, but if my IT skills fail, I could always just email people a copy.
I currently only have 6 months and 2-3 years drafted out, but I will be doing bigger sizes as my little girls grow.

The elves and I have been busy this week making another pair of dungarees, this time for Ellie who has been looking at Nancy's pair with an envious eye.
I've made these out of a retro orange quilting fabric. Orange is Ellie's favourite colour at the minute. My sewing machine has a lot of lovely embroidery stitches, so I've taken advantage and used a matching one along the bib front edge. It would stand out better on a plainer fabric, but I still think it looks pretty.
Here is a picture of the front of the dungarees with the main seams all sewn.

 Here is the facing being attached. I've just turned a hem in here to prevent fraying edges. Likewise for the bottom leg edge.

Finally there are the button holes, and then I like sewing along the edge where the facing is to help keep it all in place. I picked purple buttons for the straps. Mainly because I don't have any orange, and couldn't find the white ones. I got a job lot of these fisheye buttons two years ago and I am still working my way through them!
Here they are all done. I'm afraid I don't seem to be able to manage the arty shots that everyone else gets of their children posing. Ellie is just watching the television, hence the blank look!

Right next is some sewing for me!!!!! I'm making a regency inspired dress, so empire line, a gathered section in the back, and no darts etc in the skirt front.

So far I've made up the lining, which is pretty boring looking ( a pale dove grey) and the bodice top. It's made from a cotton voile (Anna Maria Horner. I am so impressed with this fabric. The handle is really lovely.) I've put a small bust dart under the arms, and then gathered the edge under the bust. The front is going to be button fastening, but I've just pinned it together for now. Sorry I'm not smiling in the left shot, but I was a bit confused about the self timer on the camera!

Now I had meant to get the skirt cut out yesterday, but Ellie decided that the material would make a much better bed for her dolly. If you look carefully on the left hand picture you can see that there is a little dolly face which she was just kissing goodnight. Next she decided that she would look good as a ghost in it.
You can see it is going to have a contrasting skirt though. The fabric is called 'slow dance in heather'. How sumptious does that sound. I've been debating on which way to cut it, but have decided to have the feather lines you can see running down the front of the dress. Anyway that's it for now. I just thought I'd share a couple of photos showing that Elle is still enjoying her coat. (Or at least she was before all this hot weather hit!)


  1. Just lovely! The dungarees are super,super cute - and I love the dress too. I like the idea of contrasting fabrics and the ones you've chosen will look lovely. What a talent!

  2. PS just tweeted link to this post. x

  3. I love the dungarees and would love a free pattern! Also, the dress you are making for yourself looks very pretty. Cotton Voile is a fabric I'm looking to use for my daughter's summer wardrobe. Do you think it would be appropriate for nightgowns?

  4. Thanks!
    I think cotton voile would work for nightgowns. The ones by Anna Maria Horner are just sheer (you could see through with the light behind them but not against your skin.) They do fray a bit so you'd probably want to do french seams on the inside so that they didn't tickle!
    I've not bothered on the bodice, as it will be held in place by the lining, but I'll probably do french seams on the skirt as that suffer more movement.