Friday, 17 June 2011

Here's the latest on the dress. The left hand picture shows a view looking down the dress, whereas the right hand picture shows a front view of the left front. Ignore the pink top I'm wearing underneath (although it is quite pretty.) What I've done is reverse scalloped the edges. This was a bit fiddly to do as I had to try and very carefully poke out the points of each scallop (19 in total!) . I found a small crotchet hook worked very well. When both sides line up (with a small space in between for the button) this should make a small circle. And before you start thinking it looks a bit daring, I am going to be putting something behind it!

After all the good weather we've had here lately, Ellie hasn't had much need to wear the coat the elves and I made her, which has been a bit gutting to say the least. I'm hoping that I drafted the pattern big enough for the coming winter, but still I was pleased to have an opportunity for her to wear it this last weekend. Not incredibily pleased as it meant that our trip out to Kenilworth castle was very wet. Here is my husband and Ellie standing in the pouring rain. Other than her feet (from jumping in puddles) she was lovely and dry inside.

Anyway, I want to update you on my quilt. Here are all the fabrics together. There are a bit mental, and even though I knew they were a bold fabrics, it is still a little shocking altogether.
Ellie was a big fan, and didn't even want to wait for it to be finished. Here she is all tucked up. She has a cold this week poor little thing, so is looking a bit down.
Nancy on the other hand (not wanting to leave her out) is doing well, although I suspect she might have a sore throat as the rest of us do... Isn't she cute!
Anyway back to the quilt. It is a hawaiian design, and you had to trace out the design like a paper snowflake and then cut it out! It suggested to cut it out with the fabric folded so you were cutting out 8 layers, but there was no way my scissors could do this accurately. I opened it out and drew out more of the pattern and cut it so that it was only double thickness. It was very fiddly to do, and I think on the next one I'd mark out the pattern but not actually cut it up at the start, but just snip away as I needed to.
 You can just about make out the difference in the fabrics. I really should have picked more contrasting fabrics! I did mean to, but Ellie loved the orange, and I don't suppose she will mind if it isn't the best design ever.
I imagine that there are going to be quite a lot of posts with bits of this quilt over the coming months, all looking rather similar. Here is a blue flower with some of the snowflake leaves sewn up.
And a chocolate brown and pink one...

And to finish, a green one. Now I've followed the instructions for the size of the backing fabric, and I've got to admit that I think it's a bit skimpy at this point. I should just be able to get on an edging, but I think it would have been better for another couple of inches. (22" square). So if any of you are doing quilts from Elizabeth Roots books I would be tempted to add a bit more on to what she advises.

For the eagle eyed readers out there, you may have noticed that I've put up a new page. For those of you who don't know me, you may be surprised to know that I adore reading and writing regency romances, so I thought I'd share my interest and put up the occasional extract, (mainly clothing related) for you to read here

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