Saturday, 28 May 2011

Nancy's dungarees (missing elf returns...)

Anna bit into a butterscotch cookie, and the taste of toffee and vanilla filled her mouth. She allowed herself a small moan of pleasure before placing the biscuit down and wiping her hands carefully on a tissue.
      "So you got the coat finished all right without me?"

    "Yeah. No problems," she heard Ned saying from beneath the table. "I wondered where you were. Something come up?"
    She wished that she could see his face. Had he missed her? Her shoulders slumped; he sounded as if he was only asking out of politeness. She arranged the edges of the front legs of the dungarees under the sewing machine.

      "Ready, go...." The machine whirred  into action, the needle dipping in and out of the fabric, the point flashing under the spotlight. "Nothing exciting, just Timmy had chicken pox." It hadn't been an easy week. Timmy was never an easy elf to watch without being covered in itchy spots. She guided the cloth under the machine foot, calling out instructions to Ned when needed.
Finishing the front, she moved on to the back seams. First the centre seam, then attaching the yoke. She rubbed her tired eyes, and gave a yawn. "It doesn't feel like I've slept all week."
     "Couldn't someone else look after him?" called Ned. Anna frowned. Just like a man, she thought. Timmy was her responsibility. With her parents no longer with them, her brothers needed her more than ever. She looked at the front of the dungarees and decided something more was needed.
Together they sewed the shoulder straps, lining them with the same fabric before turning them inside out.
Finally she sewed around the edge, securing the facing in place.
 She watched Edward sew the tiny purple buttons in place, his eyes intent on his work. His hand sewing was always neat, and he worked so quickly, as if it came as naturally to him as breathing. She wondered how long he'd been sewing for. Really, considering she'd seen him nearly every week for the last few months, she knew very little about him.

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