Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dandelions are taking over!

My daughters and I have been playing in the garden this afternoon, and I noticed that within the space of a week the weeds are threatening to take over. Dandelions creep from behind the shed where I normally turn a blind eye. Buttercups lurk beneath the strawberry plants. My newly laid turf is starting to curl up around the edges from lack of water.

And what conclusion can I draw from all this? I'm not spending enough time out there. So.. I've decided that this blog needs to be a once a week log rather than each day. Even with the help of the elves, it's taking too much of my time. I think it must be all the baking...

Also my husband has just started a new diet, and having a house chocked of biscuits is proving something of a temptation.

Don't worry, the elves will still be busy, but even elves need some time to themselves. I'm not entirely sure what hobbies they have. Perhaps they like gardening too.

So, until next week...


  1. I'm finding the same problem, except not in my garden. In my house work!

  2. Oh my house is in a similar state, I'm just trying to ignore the dust bunnies that are threatening to take over...