Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The view from the other side....

This is one of the boring bits. Doing exactly the same thing but on the other side.  I'd say that the elves have done a pretty good job though, and they even look pretty similar. (Another downfall of a symmetrical garment is trying to tell if it really is symmetrical!)

Here is Ellie trying it on, as it now has two armholes so constitutes a waistcoat.She seems pretty pleased with it, especially the pockets!
 Below is a picture of my latest baking efforts. This is a picture of one that I was eating rather than the one left out for the elves (they don't appreciate left overs!) I've included this one so that you can see the cake is green! It was meant to be blue, but I think you must have to be braver with the food colouring.
I did one for each of us along with one for the elves, and a spare one using up some 'z's. They are mint choc chip (mint icing), and have chocolate chips inside, and covered chocolate beams (like smarties) on the top, as well as chocolate letters! Gosh, I think I went a bit overboard! Ellie was a fan, and actually ate some of the cake as well. Obviously not all; some was smooshed underfoot as always...
Here is the collar all quilted. (The elves had a busy night! It must have been all the chocolate!)
I figure this should be pretty soft around Ellie's neck. Here you can see the detailed quilting. I asked the elves to do the same as on the main body of the quilt, but I'm not sure looking at it now that I should have specified a smaller quilt stitch.  What do you think
I'm glad that I have my little elves to help me. I was thinking recently about what sewing used to be like before I had responsibility for two beautiful but demanding little girls. And I came up with the conclusion it was stressful. I had too much time on my hands. Sure, I didn't need the help of elves, but equally if I didn't get whatever task I'd set myself done that day, then I felt that I'd failed. I'd stay up late finishing it off, and rush through the complicated bits, pushing myself to just get it done.

But no longer.

Now it all happens gradually. I try and make an outfit each month, or at least I buy material with something in mind each month. I enjoy planning what I'm going to do, creating the outfit in my mind. As I usually have a bit of a backlog, there can be months between me starting to think of a project and actually sitting down and cutting fabric. It gives the design time to take shape, to develop. Each morning (assuming I've let out a tempting treat) I'm excited to see how the design is progressing. If there's a mistake, it doesn't matter. I noticed this morning that the belt for the back must have got kicked under the sofa and the elves hadn't spotted it. It means that some of the back seams need to be undone. So what?

These little elves haven't just enabled me to keep at going at sewing, they've transformed sewing back into the hobby I used to enjoy. So if you aren't fortunate enough to have a pair of little helpers, considering slowing things down, and taking time to enjoy the process. It makes all the difference.


  1. Wow, it's looking gorgeous, such a time consuming project!! The cakes look yummy too :)

  2. I think if I were just to sit down and sew from start to finish, it would probably take less than a day. I just don't get the opportunity! I just keep doing a bit at a time.