Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's taking shape!

It's starting to take shape! I cut out the main body pieces last night. The picture above shows the welt and pocket pieces with the coat front as a background. I love the contrast fabric. Using quilting fabric for dressmaking gives such a great opportunity for coordinating fabrics.

Here is the lining fabric and the pieces for the collar. It appeared that even without the effort of the elves, I couldn't manage to get the sleeves out of the same fabric. If I were to make this coat again, I'd need to order a metre and a half of lining fabric and not try and get away with just a metre, as I was a few centimetres short!

Here is the offering that I left out for the elves last night! Ellie was a big fan of these biscuits, but if I'm honest, she was mainly interested in eating the sweeties off them!

And here the coat is this morning. I think I can finally call it a coat, as it boasts a completed armhole. Admittedly only one armhole, but it's still something to be proud of. I think the elves have done a fantastic job of the pocket.

I hate doing these kind of fiddly details, and I am more than happy to leave it to the elves. The trouble isn't the sewing, it's the snipping back to the corner of the welt. Snip too far and you have a hole, don't snip far enough and you have a big tuck. I dug out my detailed tailoring guide to look for tips and its pearl of wisdom was just to do it correctly!

Here you can just see inside the pocket, and the contrasting fabric. Ellie loves pockets and usually fills them with treasures like wax crayons!

I thought I heard the elves at work last night. I held my breath, and listened carefully, trying to ignore Andrew's snuffles and Nancy's mumbling, but after a minute I heard the water pump go and realised it was just the dishwasher on its timer. We have economy 7, so it makes sense to set the dishwasher at night. I guess that's another advantage of the elves; they use the machine when the electricity is cheap!

Aren't elves marvellous?

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